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Think about to whom you would like to leave a gift. Perhaps you or someone you know has been helped by a particular organization or maybe you're an active volunteer who believes in the mission of an organization. You might want to leave a gift In memory of a loved one or for a purpose.

If you need more help or you need to know more about a particular organization, do some investigating before leaving a gift. Call the nonprofit organization of your choice. These organizations will help you better understand their mission and what opportunities are available for giving.

Contact your professional advisor for advice and assistance. Your advisor will make sure you will obtain the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift. Or please contact the charity or non-profit you are considering.

Your Gift is a Lasting Tribute
Charitable, nonprofit organizations play an important role in our lives and in our community, extending help in many ways: from giving seniors a hot meal to providing food for the hungry and homes for the homeless; from linking children with good role models to providing scholarship for educational pursuits; from providing physical and emotional health care to bringing cultural events to the community.

Help in a community comes in many forms: counseling, a safe haven for the abused, research monies to fight diseases, or support for the spiritual growth of the community.

You can bring beauty to your world through the arts; or helping to develop an appreciation of nature for children by providing camping and recreational opportunities. These special community organizations need financial assistance from people like you in order to continue their good deeds.

When you leave a gift in your will, regardless of the amount, you make sure that help continues to be there for those who need it in the future.